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LIDDS AB  develops efficient drugs for cancer and other diseases based on our unique proprietary NanoZolid® technology. NanoZolid helps solve some of the main problems with the way drugs work in the body and affect the patients’ quality of life. NanoZolid enables controlled, long-term and personalized release of the drug for up to six months. NanoZolid can be combined with traditional small molecules as well as with large biological molecules such as antibodies


Mithra is dedicated to providing innovation and choice in women’s health, with a particular focus on fertility, contraception and menopause. Mithra’s goal is to develop new and improved products that meet women’s needs for better safety and convenience. Its two lead development candidates – a fifth generation oral contraceptive, Estelle®, and a next generation hormone therapy, Donesta® – are built on Mithra’s unique natural estrogen platform, E4 (Estetrol). Mithra also develops, manufactures and markets complex therapeutics and offers partners a complete spectrum of research, development and specialist manufacturing at its Mithra CDMO.

QuiaPEG Pharmaceuticals AB develops proprietary, releasable PEGylation technologies (Uni-Qleaver®) for the development of prodrugs and biobetters with improved pharmacological properties, e.g. extended half-life and increased tolerability.

The release mechanism of the PEG-chain from the active drug substance can be either pH- or enzyme-dependent and allows for controlled and complete release of the active substance, with customizable release half-life ranging from hours to weeks.

Based on its insights in immunology, cancer biology and antibody biology, BioInvent aims to develop cancer immunotherapies to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

In September 2018 BioInvent started dosing of the first patient in a phase I/IIa study of BI-1206, an FcγRIIB antibody. The trial is evaluating BBI-1206 in combination with rituximab in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

BioInvent’s strategy is to leverage its expertise in antibodies and cancer biology to develop immuno-oncology drugs that significantly improve the treatment of cancer diseases and prolong cancer patients’ lives. This is accomplished through collaborations with large pharmaceutical companies, academic research groups, networks of clinical specialists and research foundations.

Ultimovacs is a pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies against cancer. The lead product candidate is UV1, a peptide-based vaccine inducing a specific T cell response against the universal cancer antigen telomerase.

UV1 is being developed as a therapeutic cancer vaccine which may serve as a platform for use in combination with other immuno-oncology drugs which require an ongoing T cell response for their mode of action. Ultimovacs is performing a broad clinical development program with clinical trials in Europe and the USA.

Ultimovacs was established in 2011. The company and its proprietary technology is based on pre-clinical and clinical research on immunotherapies conducted at the Oslo University Hospital. The company is a limited public liability company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway.