A selection of our investments.

MedinCell develops long-acting injectable products with its BEPO copolymer technology.

MedinCell’s platform has the power to create depot formulations of known substances with improved PK/PD profiles. This causes drugs that have smaller windows of treatment to be more effective, reducing the peaks and troughs of drug exposure. This limits the adverse effects associated with peak concentrations, while it maintains a higher AUC exposure.

Based on its platform, MedinCell has collaborations with Teva on schizophrenia (phase III), the AIC on pain/inflammation (Phase II), the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation on contraception (Preclinical), and a broad pipeline of internal projects in the preclinical stage.

For over a decade, Advicenne has been dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative treatments for those suffering from rare kidney diseases. Our lead drug candidate, ADV7103, is currently in late-stage clinical trials for two renal indications.

In 2017, ADV7103 was granted orphan drug designation by the European Commission in the treatment of distal renal tubular acidosis (dRTA), a rare kidney disorder that occurs when the kidneys are unable to effectively remove the buildup of circulating acids in the blood. Currently in Phase III clinical trials for this indication in Europe, the United States and Canada, ADV7103 was submitted for European marketing authorization in March of 2019. If approved, it will be the first authorized treatment for dRTA.

Calliditas Therapeutics is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing high value medical products for patients with significant unmet medical needs in niche indications, where the company can partially or completely participate in the commercialization.

Calliditas is focused on the development and commercialization of its lead product candidate Nefecon, a targeted release formulation of budenoside.  The compound has successfully completed a Phase 2b clinical trial, as a potential new treatment for patients with inflammatory kidney disease (IgA nephropathy) who are at risk of progressing to renal failure.

Biocorp specializes in the development and manufacture of medical devices and drug delivery systems. The company offers traditional delivery systems, connected injection systems and monitoring devices.

Entirely dedicated to the medical devices market, Biocorp is known for its technology-driven manufacturing. Biocorps’ experience in advanced moulding, assembly and packaging is today a real guarantee of quality.

Biocorps’ customers are above all partners to build projects together, aiming to provide innovative and efficient products.