Nyenburgh Investment Partners (NYIP) helps life science companies move forward.

Demand for good healthcare is ever increasing, while the numbers of doctors and nurses remains fairly constant. This means that there is significant pressure on healthcare systems to operate efficiently, near the limits of what is possible. This means innovation is –and will remain necessary to keep the societal burden at an acceptable level.

By diagnosing patients at an earlier stage, difficult to treat cancers can become treatable, lowering their burden on patients, doctors and the society. By finding better ways to treat chronic disease, patients need less intensive hospital care, freeing up room in the healthcare system, while providing patients with a better quality of life.

To get to these kinds of innovations, a journey must be taken from concept to proof of concept to commercially viable product. This is a long and expensive journey, which is often started, but not always finished. At NYIP we want to help the companies move forward, of which we believe they are on the right path. To select these companies we review both the innovation and the way the company is managed.

For this we rely on an in house team of life science analysts and on a broad network of external experts in the healthcare community (doctors and scientists), as well as our connections in the investor community. We have an efficient process that is tailored to the needs of every investment decision. This allows us to act swiftly, when time is limited.

For all of our investments, we actively engage in conversation with company management, to keep track of pipeline developments, and upcoming business opportunities.