Nyenburgh Investment Partners has among other invested in the following companies:

CARMAT is developing this orthotopic and biocompatible artificial heart which is completely implantable, as well as its electrical power supply system and remote diagnosis system. The objective is to meet a world-wide public healthcare need, that is to say the treatment of advanced heart failure.

Genfit is a biopharmaceutical company at the forefront of developing therapeutic and diagnostic solutions to address high unmet patient needs in metabolic and inflammatory diseases, with a particular focus on the liver and gastroenterology. 


LIDDS AB  develops efficient drugs for cancer and other diseases based on our unique proprietary NanoZolid® technology. NanoZolid helps solve some of the main problems with the way drugs work in the body and affect the patients’ quality of life. NanoZolid enables controlled, long-term and personalized release of the drug for up to six months. NanoZolid can be combined with traditional small molecules as well as with large biological molecules such as antibodies.

Mithra is dedicated to providing innovation and choice in women’s health, with a particular focus on fertility, contraception and menopause. Mithra’s goal is to develop new and improved products that meet women’s needs for better safety and convenience. Its two lead development candidates – a fifth generation oral contraceptive, Estelle®, and a next generation hormone therapy, Donesta® – are built on Mithra’s unique natural estrogen platform, E4 (Estetrol). Mithra also develops, manufactures and markets complex therapeutics and offers partners a complete spectrum of research, development and specialist manufacturing at its Mithra CDMO.

Nanobiotix is an oncology focused nanomedicine company developing an innovative nanoparticle technology. Nanobiotix is developing new tools for cancer which utilize a physical mode of action at the cellular level of the cancer cell.

Sedana Medical’s vision is to develop inhalation sedation with its products AnaConDa and IsoConDa into a global standard model for the sedation of mechanically ventilated patients in intensive care.

The Company’s lead clinical-stage programs are: TG4010 for non-small cell lung cancer, Pexa-Vec for liver cancer and TG4001 for HPV-positive head and neck cancers. The Company has several other programs in clinical and pre-clinical development.
Transgene also owns Invir.IOTM, a new technology platform dedicated to the design of the next generation of oncolytic viruses. These multifunctional viruses are aimed at modulating the tumor micro-environment

Zealand Pharma
Zealand Pharma A/S  is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, design and development of innovative peptide-based medicines. Zealand has a portfolio of medicines and product candidates under license collaborations with Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim and Helsinn and a pipeline of proprietary product candidates, which primarily target specialty diseases with significant unmet needs.