Nyenburgh Investment Partners (NYIP) helps companies moving forward, with a main focus on investments in the life sciences sector. Healthcare is one of the important components of society. Over the years many different diseases arise and are hard to fight with the proper cure. Because of all the external influences people get diseases more often, which are not diagnosed, or there is a high unmet medical need.

Biomedical research and development is very costly in time and costs. It is meaningful to society that innovative research and development on medical fields will continue.

An extensive network of experts and professionals is in place to quickly assess the possibilities of financial solutions in which a company is in need of. Creative ways are often the path to success of finding employment of capital. NYIP often collaborates with bankers, management and other external sources to evaluate potential investment opportunities across a company’s capital structure in order to create a win-win situation and making a company go forward in its core activities.